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      1. Join us on June 1st!


        Meet other volunteers and learn about

        different NPOs in the Columbia?Valley!


        Supporting a particular use, community or charity and
        honouring the memory of a loved one.


        Building legacies in our Columbia Valley communities through the widest possible range of charitable organizations who work diligently to address specific community needs and priorities.


        Supporting the post-secondary edution and training of the young people of the Columbia Valley.

        Leave a lasting legacy in our community through the Columbia Valley Community Foundation

        Designating a gift for the Columbia Valley Community Foundation (CVCF) is a way to fulfill your charitable legacy in the community.

        Our concept is simple: your gift is invested and the investment income is used to support lol charitable programs and projects going to your wishes.

        The principal is never touched, ensuring your legacy lives on forever. In this way, the CVCF acts as a bridge between you and lol charities to help create and maintain a strong, vibrant community for generations to come.

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